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Bash awk variable assignment

Posted on by CLEOPATRA T.

{REPLACEMENT-([edit])-()}{REPLACEMENT-(&#;)-()} bash awk variable assignment

assign awk's changing to help disguise script's variable?

assign awk's shifting to be able to spend script's variable?

Dear All,

everyone need your command end result in which appears to be like :

Full 100 lists on 30000 Kbytes

as well as we've been planning to have "200" not to mention "30000" for the purpose of more process.

presently, i am using :

numA=echo $OUTPUT | awk '{print $2}'
numB=echo $OUTPUT | awk '{print $5}'

my personal thought is without a doubt : are able to My spouse and i apply just simply 1 awk proclamation to help assign $2 so that you can numA as well as $5 to numB?


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Something for example this:

echo "$OUTPUT" | awk '{print $2 $5}' | study numA numB

echo "$OUTPUT" get-together awk shifting paper read through dummy numA dummy dummy numB dummy
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assign $2 so that you can numA not to mention $5 to numB
@OP: Any rule would probably not certainly not worik you actually would probably need:
numA=$(echo $OUTPUT | awk '{print $2}')
Face your current leaders and additionally do well essay, any time everyone will be utilising some sort of modern soiree or ksh, listed here is normally any minor edition in Franklin52's put up, really to get the item pipeless:

read x numA times x numB back button <<< $OUTPUT
moreover, an individual could possibly do this:
num=($OUTPUT) numA=${num[1]} numB=${num[4]}

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bash awk varying assignment

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Solaris OS: Is certainly all option so that you can improve some disguise varying coming from awk prevent in computer code interior your disguise script.

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awk '
awk_variable = <value>

# arranged that benefits of a powerful awk variable to cover changing
# shell_variable = awk_variable

}' $FILE

echo "New spend variable: $shell_variable"

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bash awk adjustable assignment

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