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Sample cover letter for office assistant job

Posted on by CHU G.

Office Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1:I am very interested in this opportunity, and believe that my education and employment background will make me a perfect candidate for the position.I have been employed as an office manager in the past and know that this position needs someone like me that has the ability to prioritize and multitask. Working in the Corporate Hospitality industry has been the perfect training arena for me. Not only has it trained and prepared me for all types of experiences dealing with customer service, but also taught me how to think on my feet and become an expert problem solver.When it comes to being trained on new computer programs I have to say that I am a quick learner.


Research papers for cse credit

Posted on by KELLY M.

Ph.D. in Computer Science  Doctor of Philosophy study in computer science (PCSC) at Louisiana State University − Baton Rouge offers talented students the opportunity to prepare for Research careers in universities or industrial laboratories.


Theses portal

Posted on by LANA G.

Advanced research and scholarship. Theses and dissertations, free to find, free to use.Recent AdditionsSee all of this week’s new additions.Intrinsische Selbstheilung von Beschichtungssystemen. Urbaniak, Anastasia. Universität Bremen.


Article on autism in education

Posted on by YADIRA A.

My son and my daughter are happy, active, healthy children who enjoy school and are lucky to have a solid family life. But they are very different. My autistic son tests in the "severe" range in many subjects.


Diversion programs

Posted on by LEONTINE S.

A diversion program in the criminal justice system is a form of sentence1] in which the criminal offender joins a rehabilitation program, which will help remedy the behavior leading to the original arrest, and avoid conviction and a criminal record. The programs are often run by a police department, court, a district attorney's office, or outside agency.2]Problem-solving courts typically include a diversion component as part of their program.


Were the articles of confederation effective

Posted on by ADELINA W.

Articles of Confederation were Effective Essay Articles of Confederation were Effective Post Revolutionary War, in 1777, the pristine leaders of the newborn United States of America realized that it was imperative that the draft and establish an effective government. The government would have to be able to unify the brand new nation and help it prosper.


The lieutenant book review

Posted on by LAKENDRA A.

Realist fiction is so often driven by the idea that character is destiny. Emma Bovary has to cheat; Jay Gatsby has to chase; Karl Ove has to chat.


Capital business

Posted on by SCARLETT Y.

Working with Capital Business Solutions was great — they really offer a knowledgeable and affordable alternative to other sources for Raiser’s Edge training. Our consultant’s Director of Development experience was key to the success of our engagement.Toni Condon, The Walters Art Museum The Walters Art MuseumI just wanted to say thank you for the services Capital Business Solutions provided to us.


Article sur terry fox

Posted on by JENNELL C.

Terrance Stanley (Terry) Fox, CC, OBC, athlete, humanitarian, cancer research activist (born 28 July 1958 in Winnipeg, MB; died 28 June 1981 in New Westminster, BC). Terrance Stanley (Terry) Fox, CC, OBC, athlete, humanitarian, cancer research activist (born 28 July 1958 in Winnipeg, MB; died 28 June 1981 in New Westminster, BC). Terry Fox inspired the nation and the world through his courageous struggle against cancer and his determination to raise funds for cancer research.


Monte carlo

Posted on by VANIA G.

Monte Carlo simulation performs risk analysis by building models of possible results by substituting a range of values—a probability distribution—for any factor that has inherent uncertainty. It then calculates results over and over, each time using a different set of random values from the probability functions.

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