The dream is over

Glauce Fleury

Have you read the story about a local startup that wants to make “cowsharing” as popular as carsharing in Vancouver, B.C.? In short, they help people crowfund livestock and divide the meat. Cows, lambs, pigs and chickens are included in the deal.

On its website, the startup states that their “zero-waste policy” assures they’re treating the meat from these animals “with respect.” They work with farmers who, according to them, raise their animals ethically and holistically, free range and on natural pasture, and without antibiotics, hormones and chemical feed additives.

As a vegan, I should like this news. I stopped consuming animal products or byproducts due to the treatment that animals have received in farms across the globe. So if these animals are treated well, why does this news bother me?

I spent the whole week thinking about it. I read what was published in different media outlets, checked the startup’s website and realized that what bothers me is the comparison between cows and cars.

Although it’s probably the result of a marketing strategy (similar to the milk ad), cowsharing doesn’t sound good to me. Why compare animals to machines to promote the consumption of what they call “honest meat?”

Anyways, if these farms are raising animals in a humane way, as they state, it’s obviously positive. If sharing meat is a way to prevent massive slaughter, it’s also better than what we’ve seen.

I have to be honest, though: after all the brutality I’ve seen against animals in farms (e.g., cows, pigs and chickens) and in the tourism industry (e.g., horses and donkeys), even if all farmers started doing things right, I wouldn’t consume meat again.

The reason is simple: it’s still killing to me. Now that I’ve learned I can thrive and have a healthy life without consuming animal products, the dream is over. I don’t want to go backwards. Do you?

Photo credit: © Oli under Creative Commons via Flickr.


3 thoughts on “The dream is over

  1. Absolutely, I completely agree – there is no such thing as humane killing.

    If you wouldn’t do it to a human, then you shouldn’t do it to a non-human animal.
    And the film Cowspiracy showed us that there is no eco-friendly way to farm animals. No matter how you go about it, animal farming is very bad for the environment.
    And there is no need to eat meat or dairy – it’s much healthier to be vegan, so continuing to eat meat and dairy is purely for pleasure, killing for pleasure.

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    1. Exactly. What you said reflects perfectly what I meant with “the dream is over.” Treating animals “with respect” to later kill them doesn’t sound any better to me now that I’m so well informed.
      Putting my dogs down, for example, because there was nothing else to do when they got so sick in the end of their lives is a pain I still carry, so I can no longer be part of any slaughter.

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