Meditation nowadays

Glauce Fleury

I recently joined a free webinar about yoga meditation with Deepak Chopra and Roger Gabriel. After finishing my raj yoga course months ago, I missed some teaching, so I had a blast. The recording is available for a limited time.

In this webinar, they cover the relevance of meditation nowadays and the benefits of a regular practice. In recent years, the number of people meditating has increased, but Deepak says that meditation has always been relevant.

At the same time, he recognizes that many of us have been adopting meditation to relieve stress, as we’ve been bombarded by depressing news and melodramatic media stories. “In this sense, meditation has great appeal,” he says.

In a modern world, we lack time, and that’s one of the first reasons to not meditate. Deepak’s thoughts on that are clear: “The ones who say ‘I have no time’ are the ones who need (meditation) the most.”

According to the physician, who’s also an alternative medicine advocate, karma creates our tendencies, memories and cravings (good or bad). Meditation can help us direct all this ‘baggage’ to the positive light.

When we meditate regularly, we have the tools to improve our relationships by expanding our level of consciousness and synchronicity. Consequently, we feel more love, compassion and joy.

This improvement is beneficial, as Roger highlights. “We lost the personal connection with people because of all the technology and smartphones,” he reminds us. His recommendation? Look inside. Discover who you really are.

Roger uses a metaphor to explain that: on a cloudy day, we don’t see the sun. But it’s there, even if we can’t see it. The practice of meditation requires us to go beyond the clouds. We need to clear our minds to see ourselves truly.

The results of a regular practice may be different to different people. But, overall, most of us will be able to reduce stress, feel peace and silence our minds. Whatever we get is what we needed. “Never judge it. Just do it,” Deepak says.

Meditation improves the overall health. According to Deepak, our genes start to express themselves differently. We experience emotional improvement and biological gain. Blood pressure and inflammations, for example, tend to go down.

“The body starts to self-regulate,” he says. In this moment, there’s a shift in our identities. We move from separation to unity, which proves that meditation is much more powerful than most of us believe.

Deepak calls our attention to unnoticed changes: we tend to think of meditation as a stress release because it’s what we feel inside. But we also need to look outside, as our lives transform.

And what’s the right way to meditate? Yoga meditation is seen as a progressive quietening of the mind, which connects us to our pure consciousness (awareness). But let’s not focus on a thoughtless mind. “Don’t worry if it’s right or not. There’s no such thing.”

Life transformation upon the daily practice of meditation is real, according to Deepak. “Life transforms when you’re doing it. And you’re doing it right, if you’re doing it,” he insists.

For beginners, Roger recommends 4-6 weeks of regular meditation to see the results. “Sometimes you notice the benefits, sometimes it’s the others around you who notice you’ve changed,” he says. It can be right away, but it can take a little longer.

According to Roger, if you can meditate once in your lifetime, it can have an effect whether you notice it or not. “Something is better than nothing.”

Let’s start?

Photo credit: © Niko Dimo under Creative Commons via Flickr.


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