About all animals’ purpose

Glauce Fleury

Many of us have criticized the alleged mistreatment of a German Shepherd on the set of A Dog’s Purpose. This news flooded the Internet last week, and almost overshadowed Obama’s last days governing America.

Gordon, my previous dog. (Personal archives)

We’re so hypocritical.

First, know that I grew up with dogs. There’s no animal I love more. My previous dog, in particular, and I developed such a special connection that I’d only have Boxers,  if I could.

Having said that, let’s be honest: the video circulating Internet is an edited version that doesn’t tell us what exactly happened right before and after that scene.

Were the trainers and movie staff careful and concerned about the dog? Were they not? We don’t know it. But in that scene we see a dog forced into a situation he apparently didn’t feel comfortable with. I think it’s enough to make us sign petitions against the producers, contact organizations that support animal welfare or boycott the movie.

Would that German Shepherd be in danger or just dislike water? Hard to know it. When I watched the scene, it reminded me of how I struggled to bathe my dogs. They panicked when they realized it was bath time.

The fact is sometimes the world is not fair with humans, who can speak out, so it’s definitely not fair with animals. Look what happens to cows, chickens, pigs and other farmed animals. What about horses pulling packed carriages at parks and on the streets?

Last week, in my French course, I learned that a popular attraction in the south of France is the donkey hiking tour. Tourists can hike freely, as they don’t need to worry about their luggage. Donkeys are the ones carrying everything.

Does it seem like we humans care about animals? Or do we care only about pets?

I feel like the German Shepherd was in distress. I, too, plan to boycott the movie while I’m not convinced there was no wrongdoing. But I try to have a discourse consistent with my attitudes.

When I watched documentaries and learned what happens to farmed animals, I stopped consuming animal products. I won’t support the industry that tortures them and makes money out of it.

So I’ll end this post with a question: if you’re outraged at the German Shepherd’s scene, would you consider transferring this feeling to situations that involve other animals in distress and help protect them?

Photo credit: © Jennifer Mac under Creative Commons via Flickr.


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