Why I support homeopathy

By Glauce Fleury

When the cold season is around the corner, it’s always like this: I get either the flu or a painful sore throat. It was like this when I lived in the tropics, and it’s still the same now that my home is Vancouver.

Most of the people I know would go straight to antibiotics or painkillers when feeling some pain. I was like that. Until 2002, I’d take drugs for all the things that made me stay awake at night: cramps, headaches, stomachaches, tonsillitis and pharyngitis.

But that year I met a gynecologist (also homeopath) who turned out to be that kind of doctor I’d call for everything. If it was something treatable without drugs, he’d go ahead with his instructions and I’d do whatever he told me to. He made my life much better.

Some of my friends believe in all the bad theories against homeopathy. They say the remedies are just water and never worked for them. They also say it’s better to take drugs to kill the pain right away no matter the side-effects.

I disagree.

I started making use of homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicines in 2012 (initially to relieve my cramps, as I told here). They always worked. But I believe a key factor is to know exactly what to take and how to take it.

For example, if I have tonsillitis, as I do now, I won’t get an over-the-counter medicine at a natural pharmacy and take it as described on the label. That’s not how homeopathy works.

As I learned in the past 14 years, my doctor will never prescribe a medicine for a symptom, like allopaths do. The fundamental basis of homeopathy is to treat the cause, not the symptom. Besides, the dosage can also change.

My sore throat is not a result of drinking cold water, having an ice cream or not wearing warm clothes outdoors. My body is just responding to my emotions (and for some reason the lack of sun contributes to what the French call mon état d’esprit).

In an appointment, my doctor will ask me questions to understand how I’ve been since we last met: what makes me sad, what concerns me, what stresses me, what makes me anxious, which problems I’ve been dealing with. He digs into my heart and finds why I’m sick — I’ve learned to do it too.

You need to open yourself to homeopaths as you would to counsellours or psychologists. That’s the only way to know the right medicine for you, and that’s why I love homeopathy: it’s not the same drug for the same symptom affecting different people.

The reason is simple. We’re all different human beings. Each of us deserves special treatment.

Photo credit: © Oonagh Taeger under Creative Commons via Flickr.


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