Time to harvest

By Glauce Fleury

I’m not the kind of person who believes only in what can be proved. Some would call this faith. I’ll call it intuition. For some reason, I feel when something is not right.

When I was a teenager, I learned how to create basic natal charts. All my friends and my mom’s friends asked me to draw theirs. Considering my young age, the results were quite impressive.

I can no longer create natal charts. But my interest in how the stars and planets can influence our lives remains. So all this buzz about the Summer solstice in North America coinciding with a full moon made me think even more about it.

When I say “even more,” it’s because months ago something curious happened. I was about to retake a test whose results I hadn’t liked. A friend told me, “Don’t retake it when the moon is void of course.”

How had I been so interested in astrology, but can’t remember reading about this? Void of course is a period when the moon is not creating planetary connections (but when it is, it spends about two and a half days in each sign).

According to astrologers, when the moon is void of course, we may feel that we’re stuck and things are not moving forward. The recommendation is to avoid starting projects and making important decisions during this time.

This period, however, wouldn’t have negative influences on everything. For example, it’d be beneficial to complete unfinished projects or enjoy relaxing activities.

Okay, you might be thinking that’s insane to pause your life because of the moon. But these periods last a short time. Some pauses would hardly compromise your schedule.

Well, right after this story about the moon void of course, came the Summer solstice and the full moon on the same day, something that didn’t happen since 1948. It’s clear that this rare moment is special.

On June 20, the full moon entered the constellation of Sagittarius (archer), and the sun entered Cancer (crab). I’ve read that this is the second full moon in a row in Sagittarius.

This full moon trines Uranus. This planet influences us to abandon the old and the illusions, and open the doors to changes that heal. Now it’s a perfect time to look at ourselves and plan where we’re going.

Besides, while the constellation of Sagittarius moves in high speed in search of adventure and meaning, Cancer focuses on the inner world in search of safety.

It’s a moment to find how our personal identities and bigger roles in the world come together. The energy coming from these changes can provide opportunities for spiritual transformation, when we’ll see more clearly what drives us.

Since people refer to the Summer solstice as the period between the planting and the harvest and I’ve planted a lot in the past years, my intuition tells me good things are on the way.

As for the test I’d mentioned in the beginning, I followed my friend’s advice. I signed up and retook the test on “perfect” dates — not when the moon was void of course. Result: 95% of my answers were correct.

No, I don’t believe in coincidences :).

Photo credit: © Donny Harder Jr under Creative Commons via Flickr


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