Carpe diem

By Glauce Fleury

Yesterday was my birthday. That’s why a post wasn’t published yesterday, but today. I took the day off and enjoyed myself far from the computer, the news and the smartphone.

Well, sort of. Friends from abroad Facebook called me and Skyped me, so I obviously answered those calls. But the messages, texts and emails had to wait until this morning, and I’m pretty sure the senders will understand.

I started the day with a massage session, followed by a long walk. It’s the first sunny, not rainy April 27 in the last years in Vancouver. Carpe diem! The rest was all about (vegan) food.

Traditionally I’ve used my birthdate to reflect about my life. With focus and determination, I’ve fulfilled all my dreams — one at a time. But I’ve recently realized I have to enjoy my present instead of dwelling on the past (or the future).

It’s so clear now. How can I not appreciate a combination of mental, spiritual and physical wellness? Note that it’s not about perfection and absolute happiness, but gratitude.

This state I’m in is the result of a vegan lifestyle (which led to the creation of this blog), a careful choice of the books I’ve been reading, and the study and practice of raj yoga meditation.

Photo credit: Peta

My consciousness is deeply connected to my current lifestyle. I feel good for having adopted a vegan diet.

Giving my tiny contribution to save the life of animals and reduce climate changes through animal agriculture (image on the left) is a step I’m proud of.

Obviously I won’t change the world on my own, but I can inspire someone, as others have already inspired me. I can do MY part, and this is good enough. The planet needs us and it needs us now.

Talking about inspiration, I’d like to mention that I recently signed up for daily messages from Brahma Kumaris, a non-profit organization focused on helping individuals transform their perspective of the world from material to spiritual.

These messages have helped me start my day with a positive look. Yesterday’s message said, “You are a gentle soul who can speak to what is in the heart of others without saying a word.”

I’m a people person and I can interact well with everyone who respects me, my opinions and my decisions without judging me or trying to convince me that their ideas are “better” than mine.

This approach has defined who stays in my life because not everyone is comfortable with my posture. Not everyone deals well with the fact that I’m not a follower who agrees just to please or because they spoke louder.

Insecurity disguised as assertiveness doesn’t trick me.

I’m glad to have a good gang around me not to pat me on the back, but to bring me soup when I get sick, to shake me up when I find myself in a hole and keep digging, to listen to me for hours when I just need to speak or to simply make me laugh.

Yesterday was all about laughs, so today I woke up with a smile on my face. If you feel like it’s hard to be happy or at peace, be grateful for your life. You’ll see that everything falls into place.

Photo credit: John Hain via Flickr


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