New Year’s Resolutions

By Glauce Fleury

It’s time to make New Year’s Resolutions. My list is all about my inner peace, my well-being and my self. That’s why, even if 2016 hasn’t arrived yet, I’ve adopted the daily practice of yoga.

Yoga focused on physical exercises is not new to me. But what I wanted right now was the spiritual benefits to look at the world without expectations.

Let’s be honest: if we expect to be treated exactly the way we want all the time by everyone we care deeply about, we’ll eventually be disappointed. People are imperfect. And so are we.

The book The Four Yogas: A Guide to the Spiritual Paths of Action, Devotion, Meditation and Knowledge states that the root cause of our sorrows and sufferings is the loss of contact with our true self.

This loss would happen because we ignore the sole reality of our self. “This ignorance creates spiritual blindness and subjects us to a world of delusion and desire,” the book says.

Raj yoga meditation has helped me accomplish my New Year’s resolutions. If you haven’t heard about it, Brahma Kumaris explains that this type of yoga can:

  • Give us a spiritual understanding of ourselves.
  • Help us rediscover and use the positive qualities already within us.
  • Enable us to develop our strengths of character, and create new attitudes and responses to life.

Brahma Kumaris is an international non-governmental organization based in India and with more than 8,500 centres all over the world, including Canada.

They offer free courses to people looking to rediscover and strengthen their inherent worth. This change can lead to an awareness of how important thoughts and feelings are as the seeds of actions.

According to the yoga philosophy, raj yoga (the path of concentration and meditation) is one of four spiritual paths to achieve knowledge of the self.

The others are karma yoga (the path of selfless action), bhakti yoga (the path of devotion) and jnana yoga (the path of knowledge and discrimination).

Raj yoga is considered the king (raj) of all yogas (communications). This path can be described as the communication between the self and the higher being (God).

For those who are not religious or Christians, the word God shouldn’t be taken literally. God can be understood as the higher power or energy, something you strongly believe or have faith in.

Raj yoga is the type of yoga that transcends the mind beyond the body and creates lasting peaceful experiences. That’s probably what all of us want.

Someone has already said that the most important journey we can take is the journey within, to the truth of who we are. That’s how we achieve spiritual empowerment.

By studying meditation, I’ve learned that spiritual power guides us to creative thinking (rather than automated thinking), response (rather than reaction), and peace, love and harmony (rather than stress, conflict and chaos).

I couldn’t wish for something different for 2016. What are you wishing for?

Photo credit: FreeImages/AshleyPlatell


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