A two-way gift

fundraising_bagBy Glauce Fleury

Last Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015, I shared with you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that I had just visited Eat Well Do Good in Vancouver, B.C. and kept you in suspense about what I had bought.

Since I dropped by the fundraising event later in the afternoon, I preferred to buy pre-packed bags of organic groceries (image on the left).

They included four types of cereal and a bag of chips — a perfect choice for my breakfasts as I recently adopted the vegetarian diet as a transition to go vegan.

If I had bought a bag with the same products at a grocery store, it would have cost me over $30, a staff working at the event told me. But, that day, the pre-packed bags were being sold for only $20, a real gift.

Additionally, visitors who bought those bags could also take home — free of charge — five items of produce. I chose some carrots, potatoes, green apples, broccoli and a squash (see featured image at the top of this page).

With options for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets, Eat Well Do Good also had cereal bars, packages of organic coffee and lunch bags (with a beverage, a sandwich or wrap, and a fruit).

Visitors who dropped by in the morning or early afternoon had the opportunity to try an organic breakfast or lunch, which included cereals, acai bowls, organic juices and soups. There was also an organic food marketplace selling products to take home.

What could have been better than buying healthy and inexpensive products while making a donation to the food bank? I’ve been to the event for the first time, but I’ll be there next year.

Photos credit: Glauce Fleury


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